Landlords place a great deal of trust in their tenants. After all, tenants are expected to pay their rent on time, adhere to the contract they were given, and remain tenants until their lease agreement is over. We don’t need to tell you that not everyone is capable of adhering to these standards, and the price of not thoroughly screening a tenant can be significant.

Any applicants with criminal or sex offender backgrounds are counting on you to only check their credit score. As a result, tenants who have been evicted or who have written bad checks can slip through the cracks. At Fidelity Background Checks, we believe a complete background screening is the only way to protect you, your property, and your other tenants.

Our landlord-tenant back checks include:

Criminal records

Social Security number trace

Credit report

Eviction history

Employment verifications

Approval recommendations


Choose Fidelity Background Checks for all your screening needs, regardless of whether they are for a potential tenant or a potential employee. We know all industries should be armed with knowledge about who they choose to trust — from large to small businesses, non-profit organizations to retail stores, we help you hire with confidence. Reach out today to learn how we can help you.